2020 NRMGC Newsletter #4

The National Retired Military Golf Classic Committee is sending this message to address the status of the 37th Annual Golf Tournament scheduled for 26-30 May 2020.

2020 NRMGC Newsletter #3

We truly appreciate your loyalty to our beloved tournament and look forward every year to seeing you all at Myrtle Beach.

2019 NRMGC Newsletter #2

Greetings fellow golfers and comrades in arms. We hope this newsletter finds you all faring well through this tough winter.

2020 NRMGC Newsletter #1

Greetings fellow retirees and golf enthusiasts. Hope you all had a great summer and get plenty of golf in this fall.

2019 NRMGC Newsletter #2

National Retired Military Golf Classic Newsletter #2 for 2019 – 36th Anniversary Tournament.