A few notes on Handicapping Policies and Flighting Procedures

We hope everyone is having a great start to the year and already looking forward to this year’s National Retired Military Golf Classic! As we continue to get closer to the 2024 tournament, we want to offer a few reminders regarding the handicap and flighting processes.

All tournament handicap calculations are in conjunction with the United States Golf Association’s handicap policies. A player/team’s “course handicap” for any given round of golf looks at all players’ Handicap Indexes in relation to the Slope/Course Rating of the tee they have chosen to play. Given this, all golfers are able to compete equally amongst each other from various tee boxes at each course, regardless of differences in Handicap Indexes, tee box, age, par, etc.

Similar to last year, all registered players will be sent a Handicap Verification form a few weeks prior to the tournament in May. All golfers need to ensure that they keep an official Handicap Index for the event to ensure their index is calculated correctly. All Handicap Indexes need to be WHS Approved which means they need to be obtained through your state or allied golf association.

Indiana, Wisconsin and some areas in Illinois use a system other than the GHIN service to keep their golfers handicaps within the state. If you have a GHIN handicap account you are all set, but if you use any other service you can CLICK HERE to contact your state association to see about obtaining a valid index. If you are keeping your handicap with an online service other than GHIN, and you do not reside in one of the states listed above, then you most likely have an invalid index. Please feel free to give us a call at 833-968-1924.

Also found on the Handicap Verification form will be a “Flight Together Request” section. Here, players will have the opportunity to click “yes” and list other player(s) that they will need to be flighted with throughout the week of the tournament. Players should not make this request simply because they want to be flighted with their friend to have a good time, but instead because they need to be flighted with them for the week for travel related purposes. 

*Flight together requests must be made on the Handicap Verification form in May. Requests sent in to tournament staff via email or phone call will not be honored.

The addition of “Flight Together Requests” were great for the 2023 event, so we are excited to be offering them again this year!