NRMGC “A” Player Responsibilities

We hope everyone is looking forward to the 40th Anniversary of the National Retired Military Golf Classic! We would like to share with you a list of responsibilities that we will be giving the “A” players on each team this week. By using this list of responsibilities, all “A” players will have the strength it takes to lead their teams! Take a look at the below list:

  • Familiarize yourself with the rules sheet and scorecard.
  • Important tournament information will be found here daily.
  • Check with each player and ensure they are familiar with the tee that they selected to play on their handicap submission form.
  • Explain that each player’s drive must be used twice. Ensure that each player understands that the final call is yours. Scorecard must be marked with the hole of each person’s 2 drives. Further recommend you discuss your strategy on deciding when to use the drives (e.g. get each player’s 2 drives completed as soon as reasonable so each player can complete round with less pressure…)
  • Consider discussing and deciding on the initial order of play (e.g. D then C then B then A). Also consider discussing the possibility of changing order based on performance or strategy for that day.
  • Important to adhere to the missing player rules if you are short a player during a round. If this applies, explain the process to the players. Note: There’s also a rules sheet in your cart.
  • Remember that there are “NO MULLIGANS” this year and remind your players.
  • USGA and local course rules apply.
  • Make sure you check your scorecard and turn it in to the course pro/staff. Both the A and B player must sign the scorecard.
  • Keep up the pace of play and HAVE FUN!